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  • Poly Buckles

    Polyester strapping is the more rigid and strong option. Often used as a replacement to steel strapping in many industries.

  • PVC Floormarking Tape

    Lane marking tapes can handle heavy foot traffic due to their anti-abrasion features.

  • SFK Rolls

    Single Faced Kraft (SFK) is ideal for protecting heavy weighted items.

    The layer of corroboard around your product provides shock resistant protection, making it an ideal protection for furniture.

  • Stock Boxes

    It is made on “flute lamination machines” or “corrugators” and is used for making cardboard boxes.

  • Tensioners & Crimpers

    Manually-operated tensioner tools for polypropylene strapping tighten strapping before the ends are secured using a seal and sealing tool.

  • Tidy Wipe/Garage Wipe Dispenser

    Industrial Tidy Wipes/Garage Wipes are ideal for use in workshops and garage environments due to their high absorbency and strength.

  • Toilet Paper Rolls

    Toilet paper is generally a combination of approximately 70% hardwood and 30% softwood. Other materials used in manufacture include water, chemicals for breaking down the trees into usable fiber, and bleaches.

  • Wire Buckles

    Wire buckles are used for the tightening of plastic strap.