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Statpack are manufacturers, agents and distributor of:

  • corrugated cardboard boxes, plain and printed
  • pallet wrap
  • rubber bands strapping and accessories
  • masking tapes
  • carton closing tapes
  • plastic products, plastic bags, tubing and shrink films
  • Aerothene, bubble wrap, SFK and other protective packaging

In the last 10 years we have built valuable relationships with our clients. These relationships have enabled us to grow from strength to strength and we fully intend to stay true to our philosophy that customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our company

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Something to take into consideration when packing your products is the path they take to get to your customers may be long and a little bumpy…

That’s why we are here, we want to better understand your business, your products and the trip they endure when they are on their way to the buyers.

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