📦 Choosing the Right Wrap: Start with the right type of pallet wrap that suits your needs.

🛠️ Equipment Matters: Use stretch film applicators for an efficient wrapping process.

📌Stable Base: Ensure a stable pallet base with securely stacked items.

🔄 Bottom-Up Wrapping: Begin at the bottom and work up to secure your load effectively.

✅ Overlap Layers: Create a strong wrap by overlapping film layers by 50%.

💪 Apply Even Tension: Avoid damage by applying even tension while wrapping.

🔝 Top Layer Security: Prevent unravelling by securing the top layer.

🛡️ Corner Protectors: Protect film at corners, especially with sharp-edged loads.

🏷️ Label and Identify: Essential info on pallets for better inventory management.

🔍 Inspect for Damages: Check for tears or loose film after wrapping, make adjustments.

👨‍🏭 Staff Training: Ensure your team knows proper pallet wrapping techniques.

Wrap it right for a safe journey! 🚚#PackagingTips#PalletWrap#Logistics



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