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Packaging Design, also known as Package Design is a vital component in your brand identity. Here are 5 golden rules you should take into consideration with any packaging.

Rule No. 1: Packaging HAS to reflect the product.

Packaging should be a mirror image of the product. The intention is to attract customers, but not to trick or deceive them. The packaging has to be true to the image of the brand and quality of the product.

Rule No. 2: Your Packaging Design should be consistent

Consistency is key, especially when you need to be recognised among a very saturated market. Make sure your packaging is exactly the same and true to the brand every time, even across various products, there should not be many variables making the products difficult to distinguish.

Rule No. 3: Your Packaging Design should be clear and precise

Communication is key and in this fast paced world, less is more. The text has to be informative but precise.

Rule No. 4: Your Packaging Design should be different and own-able

If you can create a package design that is highly recognisable and stands out, you’ve done the right job. If you think of Cadbury or Coke, you instantly think of the colours and design, if you have that affect on consumers you’re going to see success.

Rule No. 5: Your Packaging Design should be functional

Transport, safety, preservation, ease of use to the consumer. Take everything into consideration before finalising your design, research, investigate and ask your target market what’s missing… It may give you an idea!

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